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Client Comments

December 2018

It is a great pleasure to provide a testimonial for Janis! Janis helped me for over 4 years of my PhD studies at Queen’s University, Kingston-ON, Canada, where I enrolled after earning an MS in Fundamental Nursing and BS in Nursing in my native Brazil. She was always willing to read my assignments, scholarly papers, doctoral proposal, and final dissertation. Throughout these years we developed a wonderful working relationship based on commitment and respect. She was always ready whenever I needed her to proofread and copyedit my scholarly papers. She provided me with good suggestions for appropriate word choice, sentence structure, and maintenance of consistent academic tone and personal style. On those days where I was very exhausted from taking a deep dive into interpreting my research data, I used to share with her how drained I felt and she would reply with encouraging words such as “You are doing very well,” “Keep up the good work,” and “I can’t wait to read the next chapter.” Janis is an outstanding professional editor with whom I had the pleasure to work!  She paid attention to every word, sentence, and paragraph I wrote, displayed cultural and human sensitivity for the topic I was writing about, and valued and preserved my personal writing style. If my writing improved beyond my expectation, in great part it was due to Janis’s excellent job of providing specific feedback as an editor. Words cannot convey how grateful I am for having had Janis by my side throughout my PhD journey.


Ide Costa, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Lakehead University

Thunder Bay, ON, Canada


September 2013


Janis Holmberg was one of the proofreaders for the Modern English Version. She was thorough, professional, and did an outstanding job assisting our scholars in the process of reviewing syntax, grammar, and word choice — particularly important to our formal equivalent literal philosophy — in several books of the Old Testament. I would gladly welcome her to work on more of our projects. I highly recommend Janis Holmberg for any project that requires thoughtful and thorough attention to content and context.

Bishop Janice Hollis

Media Consultant, Committee on Bible Translation

Modern English Version

I want to express my personal thanks to Jan Holmberg, an extraordinary editor, whose telephone call, out of the blue and at the right time, set my dormant manuscript on the journey toward publication and whose editorial work improved the text beyond description.
Rev. Jim Thompson, MDiv
The Physics of Genesis

I have never been more satisfied with editing than I am with your refined descriptions of ancient Korean culture and archaeology for the display panels at the National Museum of Korea. I knew you were a real professional from seeing the examples on your Web site. But wow... your work is really wonderful! Joon-Young Park, translator

As a native speaker of Spanish, I am a technical writer in Spanish with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering who constructed a Web page to promote WebTra, my English to Spanish translation business. See Constructing the Web page in English was a problem because I do not write well in English. In order that my potential clients judge me a good translator, I contracted the services of Persuasive Pen to promote my ideas in clear, concise English. Persuasive Pen works to translate my ideas for my promotions and proposals into credit and improved business with my clients.
Modesto Arocha, President
Alexandria Library, Inc.
WebTra Translation Service

Wendy Belcher, co-chair of UCLA Campus Editors and Writers, recommended me as a copyeditor after passing what she named "an extremely grueling copyediting test—a real-life, twenty-five page academic essay in the humanities. Very few people who took the test passed. Those who took it were scored in three areas: technical editing (correcting grammar and spelling errors); style editing (putting manuscripts into the Chicago Manual of Style); and substantive editing (improving clarity, diction, and logic). Janis Holmberg has a good grasp of the Chicago Manual of Style and is a good technical editor. Her real strength is substantive editing, where she does an excellent job of improving diction, clarity, and logic." 

Wendy Belcher, currently professor of African literature, Princeton University, Department of Comparative Literature, Center for African American Studies, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ 08544

I want to thank you warmly for your excellent and insightful comments. This was my first time working with an editor and now I understand why published work looks so good!  It may have taken a few gos for me to get it right, but it was certainly a worthwhile learning process and I will keep your perspective in mind when writing future material. It was a pleasure working with you
Sophia Isako Wong
Ph.D. candidate, Department of Philosophy
Columbia University

I am grateful for your careful reading and delighted with your margin notes scattered throughout the ms.  I'm curious, were you a former teacher?  You seem to have a very informed point of view on a topic that many of my special education colleagues would quickly denounce! You have my continuing appreciation.  You have been a fantastic editor and I am indeed grateful for your patience! 
Linda Ware
Assistant Professor of Education

University of Rochester

Dear Janis:
Great article in the latest issue of
Interface Tech News, on "Positioning for Mergers & Acquisitions." I don't know your background, but I am always impressed when a reporter masters a technical subject well enough to 'get it right.' It
appears to me that you did. I am an M&A advisor/business broker in
Portland, Maine, with 22 years experience, so I guess I would know.

Glen Cooper, CBA, BVAL
Certified Business Appraiser
Business Valuator Accredited for Litigation
President, Maine Business Brokers' Network
Web site:

Janis has contracted the proofing of Trucking Times Magazine for several years.  She knows the proper spelling and terminology for our industry, she's quick, she's dependable and she's accurate.  I value her skills in helping to make me look good, she can do the same for you.
David Herrmeyer
Founding Publisher/Editor
Trucking Times & Sport Utility News

I highly recommend my editor Janis Holmberg for her excellent, fast and meticulous work. She not only edited perfectly the grammar and the spelling but she made suggestions on the content and noticed even the smallest discrepancies. She is helping me in things far beyond her duties as an editor. She is really persuasive.
Antoaneta Dimitrova, author

I feel truly blessed to have found Janis Holmberg again.
Janis edited my very first book,
Does God Have a Hero? with a true understanding of the needs of a first-time author. Unfortunately, I lost track of Janis.
I have worked with several other editors on projects and subsequent books, and while their technical expertise was appreciated, I failed at developing a sense of rapport that is so essential in a writer/editor relationship.
By a series of fortunate coincidences I was led to Janis's Web site and reestablished contact with her. This truly was a gift! With total confidence I was able to turn my new manuscript over to Janis and allow her to work her magic.
I will not lose contact with her again!
Eric Paul McCarty, poet

Dreams do come true. I have been accepted at Harvard and I am sooo... excited about it. I really appreciate your help with the essays and in answering my questions related to application process.
Harvard was my first application and I was so confused while writing the essays and trying to publish my autobiography in 300-word nuggets. It was really amazing to see you effortlessly refining my thought process and
later editing my essays and work experience details such that the final package did reflect all my strengths and achievements and established the fact that my move to Harvard is the only logical next step.
Although I completely believe in my own capabilities, I could not have convinced Harvard adcom about them without your help...that I am sure of. 
Harvard MBA applicant

My acceptance to Kellogg really hasn't sunk in yet :) Couldn't have done it without your help.You definitely helped me focus on the right things, and also forced me to think hard and come up with a coherent vision. For that I am extremely grateful. Kellogg MBA applicant

I got into Berkeley!!  I just found out on Friday and am very excited indeed.  Thanks for all your help. My essays were the clinchers I am sure and thanks to you for that.
Haas MBA School Applicant

I have just checked my status on Wharton On-line admission system. I am IN. Thank you for your help and advice. I really appreciate your endeavors. With your objective and insightful comment, I could reorganize the structure of the essay, making the essay more logical, convincing and powerful.
Wharton MBA School Applicant

Your influence will live with me and my family forever. I have just received my admission letter to INSEAD in Paris France! And I know that a great part of it has to do with the quality of my essays, so on behalf of my family...Thank you!
INSEAD MBA Applicant

Thanks to your expertise in assisting me to develop a superior essay, I accomplished one of my career goals. I was accepted in one of the most selective programs at Florida International University, the Master's Program in Criminal Justice Administration. Not only I was able to compete among hundreds of applicants, but I was also awarded a full-tuition paid scholarship. In addition, following your advice on how to write a superior essay enabled me to complete the entire process of Law School Admission for the coming year.  Having you working for me side-by-side through email correspondence was the key factor that shaped my success. Your positive attitude, quick response, and magical touch on each essay's development is what makes your Persuasive Pen services one of the most valuable assets of every person in need of essay writing services. Many people may offer writing services, but only you, Janis, can add that special warmth while assisting your clients by granting them with respect, confidentiality, and fairness. For any purpose, I am recommending your services to any person who needs essay writing services with the assurance that their deadlines will be met, that you will work diligently until their essay is completed, and that your prices are among the most fair in the market.
Graduate student at Florida International University
Miami, Florida

Thank you again so much; you are a great essay editor. My family and I are very pleased with the results.
Matt Johnson, Scholarship Candidate and University Applicant


Bravo! You added life to my essay! It's amazing how well it now reads. Thanks for your help on the resume. It looks much better. Thank you again, I will use your service for proofreading, guaranteed.
Gene Cizowski, Law School Applicant

Thank you very much. Very good job. Your editing is fantastic and I am highly satisfied. I think it is a win-win essay that would stand out from other candidates. You have combined all the elements and I think it is a very well-expressed essay. I think as I finish my application process I would like to introduce you to some other people who are considering applying to this program.
Scholarship and MBA Applicant

Janis is an excellent editor. She polishes the prose and gives it a professional touch.
Finance Director of a Multi-National Corporation.

Without Janis, I would be lost! She has saved me so much time in creating our monthly newsletters.  She always helps me out when I have a tight schedule.
She delivers my proofs as quickly as possible and sometimes in a matter of hours! I can always count on her to deliver great work!  Thanks Janis!!! You're the best!!!
Ben Rivera

Graphic Designer
San Diego, Calif.

Thanks so much for your assistance with The Fruits of Atterley. You discovered errors that had been overlooked, even after careful review and numerous revisions. I also appreciated your comments when my writing was unclear. As a result, I was able to identify and rewrite several passages that may have confused the reader. Because of your eye for detail, this edition of my book will undoubtedly be a far superior work.
Thanks again,
Angela Banks

Janis is our first choice as transcriber for Live Chat. She is not only a very fast typist, but also shows keen attention to detail. She knows the importance of simultaneously achieving grammatically correct English and reproducing each unique speaker's actual, authentic narrative. When necessary, she asks our high-profile guests to repeat information so that neither the guest nor the English language is compromised.
Saira Stewart, community producer

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