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How We Do Business

 Almost anyone can be an author;
the business is to collect money and fame from this state of being.
 — A. A. Milne

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Proofreading can segue into copyediting, and copyediting into substantive editing. Initial consultation by telephone is a good idea to establish just what you want. Within 24 hours of receiving your work, I will provide you a free estimate of what level of editing is best and present a contract tailored to your work that covers confidentiality, level of editing, style, and standard delivery and payment.

Terms of payment are flexible because projects vary depending upon the depth and complexity of editing needed as well as the number and kinds of revisions. Added material that requires time to review, restructure, and integrate into existing content and context results in a renegotiation of payment and terms.

Payment is accepted via Western Union, international money order, or PayPal.

Why hire me? Three reasons:

1)   I know the best way to help you clearly convince your target audience.

2)   I have the integrity to do what is best for you.

3)   If I can’t help you I will say so and suggest others who can do the job.



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Contact me at 503-775-9789 or to discuss how you need help, what you already have prepared, which schools you’re applying to, and deadlines. Within 24 hours of receiving your essay or package (e.g., personal essay only; five MBA essays for one school; two to five similar and/or different MBA essays for more than one school) I will return a proposal, methodology, and timeline for completing the work. Other than the one-time review service that suggests ways to improve presentation, structure, and diction in a single essay, all editorial work includes strategy, development, revision, and as many drafts as are necessary to achieve an authentic and focused response that clearly and concisely answers each question to the client’s and editor’s satisfaction.

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