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Let I never write "metropolis" for seven cents,
because I can get the same money for "city."
— Mark Twain

Editing includes specific frameworks for school/s chosen; short-, mid-, and long-term goals; prompts such as a time of failure and your reaction; greatest accomplishment and/or influences; resumes; letters of recommendation, etc. Editing ensures essays at or under prescribed word counts and as many drafts as necessary to satisfy editor and client. See detailed examples of how I work with clients.



During the seven years I’ve worked as a commercial banker, I’ve seen many companies coming and going, paying attention to all the positive things they did to become successful and all the wrong things they did. I would like to go into consulting, working for a top-level consulting firm at the European market. After that I would request to be moved to the Latin American region, taking back what I learned at X and in Europe, and used to improve quality of Latin American companies. I am very interested in customer support and customer relationship management.
My short-term goals are to get the most from my X education and from the experience in my first years in consulting at a world class consulting company. Later I would like to manage the consulting operation for a wider area, probably a whole country or region of Latin America. Finally I will go back to my home country, going into public service or politics, helping to improve the quality of life of the people from the country, taking it to a level of international competitiveness.
182 words

After graduation I plan to become a project manager for a multinational consulting firm, working in the design, organization and implementation of information technology projects in the banking and financial industry in Europe and later Latin America. In this position I will gain the kind of experience that will lead into my mid-term goal of managing consulting operations for a wider area, likely for an entire country or region of Latin America. My long-term goal is to return to X to enter public service or politics, where I will share my professional knowledge and experience in international competition to help improve the quality of life in my homeland. 108 words


Dreams do come true. I have been accepted at Harvard and I am sooo... excited about it. I really appreciate your help with the essays and in answering my questions related to application process. Harvard was my first application and I was so confused while writing the essays and trying to publish my autobiography in 300-word nuggets. It was really amazing to see you effortlessly refining my thought process and later editing my essays and work experience details such that the final package did reflect all my strengths and achievements and established the fact that my move to Harvard is the only logical next step. Although I completely believe in my own capabilities, I could not have convinced Harvard adcom about them without your help...that I am sure of.
Successful Harvard MBA applicant

I have just checked my status on Wharton On-line admission system. I am IN. Thank you for your help and advice. I really appreciate your endeavors. With your objective and insightful comment, I could reorganize the structure of the essay, making the essay more logical, convincing and powerful. Successful Wharton MBA Reapplicant

Your influence will live with me and my family forever. I have just received my admission letter to INSEAD in Paris France! And I know that a great part of it has to do with the quality of my essays, so on behalf of my family...Thank you!

My acceptance to Kellogg really hasn't sunk in yet :) Couldn’t have done it without your help. You definitely helped me focus on the right things, and also forced me to think hard and come up with a coherent vision. For that I am extremely grateful. Successful Kellogg MBA applicant

I got into Berkeley!! I just found out on Friday and am very excited indeed. Thanks for all your help. My essays were the clinchers I am sure and thanks to you for that. Successful Haas (Berkeley) MBA Applicant

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